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Repairs on an RV are at times very expensive. We at Sunbum RV give you a fair rate for the work done. We have not followed the trend to raise our rates as other have. You will find others that are way higher than we are. I would not say the quality of work is better for the higher rate guys. We put ourselves in your place and do not want to break the $100 mark. And I am sure you will find someone to repair your RV for less. Question is will they be here the next time you need them?
We have serviced Yuma & the surrounding areas for over 7 yrs. We have a shop that we just can't walk away from. So, in short we will be here for many years to come.
Our Shop & Mobile hourly rates are $95 per hour with a minimum of 1/2 hr for both.

Service Call Fees

Service call fees vary depending on your location. All jobs are charged a service call fee and a minimum of 1/2 hour labor.. If for some reason we can not make the repair in the 1st trip we do not charge you a second time. Unless we have to travel past the 30 mile limit.

  Yuma Metro................................ $50.00

  Outside Yuma Metro................... $65.00
  Examples: Pilot Knob, YPG, and Welton

  Past 30 Miles...................... $2.00 Per. Mile
RV Repair is never fun and it is never expected or inexpensive. An RV not functioning correctly can ruin a vacation. The goal of SunBum RV, is to get you fixed fast so you can get back to having fun.

I have put a lot of thought into setting my rates. Fuel cost, parts, hardware, time and travel have all been part of my factors in setting my rates. This page is to help you factor in repair and service cost.


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